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Some people are just abusive but I think it can be learned as well. It may be called something else like “play,” “learning,” or “adventure.” It is in our nature to poke to see how something will react. As children we are either corrected or not. If not then it…

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There is nothing more enjoyable for me than to feed my body really good food. I feel it is necessary at this time and at my age. Recently, I got tired of eating bread so much. Since the pandemic, we eat a lot of sandwiches. Ugg!

This morning I decided…

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Services and basic needs are dwindling. Have you noticed?

Services that you have depended on in the past are slowly decaying. Social services are getting harder to receive. There are less and less actual people running these services, only computers, A.I., …

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I read this article today and it scared me to death.

Basically, it says that since we are a capitalistic country and not a more social country we are not going to make it out of the pandemic and our society is in for a bad, bad future. …

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I can’t describe the feeling.
It feels like healing.

When we are together
I can feel a ball of fire
hovering above us, engulfing us.

We only have to embrace to have the flow.
Can you feel it? Such a glow.

We are older now
but the thrill is Wow!

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When I was a little girl of eight I shared a bedroom and slept with my younger sister who was six. That was when we could tolerate each other for more than a minute. …

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They notice it to be really dark with subtle lighting. They sit down at the bar and order beer from the bartender who is a really big dude.

The men had traveled a long way and were thirsty and tired so they didn’t notice any oddities right away.

They had…

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The girl was feeling like she should hide something but she was not sure what. Something was wrong. Was it a murder or was some thing killed off or abandoned?

Each day the man would come to look to see if he could find anything and each day there was…

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Did you know there was such a thing?

I’ve been living in Florida, specifically south Florida, for seven years so far and have noticed that at some point during the year I see so many dragonflies around and never understood why until now. …

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In a small town in the mountains there lived a lovely girl

Well, she really wasn’t a ‘girl’ so much as she was young, beautiful, and married to a furniture maker and metalsmith. She went to town often to shop and buy what she wanted as her husband was so enamored with her that he couldn’t deny her anything. …

Jo Ann Harris

Multiple genre writer. Writer for Crow’s Feet, Family and Children, Illumination. Editor for Wreader. A specialist in eclecticism. Thank you for reading my work

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