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An Ambulance A Day

55+ Community. What that means.

I am at home everyday and have been for a while so I see a lot of things that go on. Recently, I have seen more and more fire rescue vehicle coming into my community.

People seem not to notice as if it scares them. There are no crowds that show up when this happens on other streets. I assume that’s the way it is here.

This morning I was talking to a lady and mentioned that the ambulance was near her condo. Did she know what happened? She said I don’t recall seeing one. Was it near me?

It’s as if it is just another thing that happens and that no one pays much attention to.

I am trying to wrap my head around living here. I have had strange people coming up to me and telling me what to do and what I can’t do. Not in a nice way either.

One told me that my boys can’t live here. Same one told me I can’t back my car into a parking space. There is absolutely no overnight parking for overnight guests if they have no parking spot. I’m working things out as I go along.

I posted on our Nextdoor app about all these things and sent the post out to at least 300 people. At least that is how many it says it was sent to and only about ten people responded welcoming me to the neighborhood which was rather nice.

There are so many rules and restrictions. The “board” runs the place and if you step out of line too many times you are fined or worse. I haven’t had any calls from them so . . . .

Another one is you can’t plant anything in your yard unless it’s okayed by them. You have to keep your bushes trimmed below the bottom of your windows or . . . .

Don’t get me started on the tiny patio use restrictions.

You ask why I moved in? The rent was about half of what I was paying previously and it is on the ground floor. No stairs. They have a bus that will take you to the bank and the grocery store that is FREE since my car is out right now.

I just pay my rent and stay to myself. I was going to join classes and workout at the Rec. center but they closed everything due to the virus. Now I read and write. I am friendly and say hi when I…



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