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Deaths and the Mystery of Dying

How it can be so sudden.


When you’re young you see people getting married, you are invited to weddings, bridal showers, etc. Then you get baby announcements in whatever form they may come. You are invited to baby showers and then later you come by to see the new baby. Everything is new when you’re young. I have had friends tell me that they had gone to a lot of weddings when they were young. They were either guests of the bride or guests of the groom, or bridesmaids or groomsmen. All of this for some turned into a reason to get very drunk and set the world on fire.

Life goes on and more people get married, you’re invited again, but now you are also invited to birthday parties for the kids that were born the previous year or so. And this continues for a good many years, which is great. It is society building. People are thriving and growing like a new plant, like new flowers, and life springs eternal.

Those kids grow into adults and the cycle starts all over again.

Luckily, you won’t have any friends or family die before you turn fifty or so. My losses came early in life. When I was ten my Dad died from a stroke. This was a very strange experience for my family. When I was forty-five or so my mother died of a heart attack after just having surgery for colon cancer.

I also lost a myriad of cats and dogs that broke my heart over time.

My kid’s father committed suicide when I was fifty-five, he was fifty-six. He suffered from a long-term mental illness that devastated his life. He couldn’t function properly. He was on medication for schizoid-effective disorder and he was prescribed a lot of it. He was a walking zombie from all of the medication.

But, if there was a change in his life, such as moving, divorce, sickness or an accident, he would not take his medication which caused many changes to occur. Life was incredibly difficult for him as well as us when he was off his medication.

The side-effects he suffered were hallucinations, both auditory, as well as, visual, and this caused a lot of danger for us. We were afraid of him. He did odd things that made us afraid and he got very paranoid. These problems occurred over more than six years until he took an overdose of morphine one…



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