Inequalities among genders and overcoming them.


First I want to say Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies. Make this a special day for you. Hang out and talk with a friend. Have a nice drink. Be with your lover if you want. Say goodbye to all the “bad” choices you have made during your lifetime. Forgive yourself. Take a bubble bath, get high, smile, dream, read, and relax. Celebrate it the way you think YOU should.

If men don’t understand, well, they don’t have the same history we do. Yes they were leaders, fighters, conquistadors, soldiers, inventors, politicians, judges, attorneys, and formed the world we live in.

It hasn’t come to pass that they could help themselves have a special day dedicated to them. There are male groups such as The Iron Man competition for one thing.

There are the Tahitian Male Dancers of Honolulu that are rather powerful dancers. https://youtu.be/BFT-M18N2A4

They tell warrior storied with dance.

There are groups for men that come out of these organizations that can help other men with challenges.

Some men are lost and don’t know how to act most of the time. Men work against fear as we women do but in a different way. Instead of feeling it and saying it they act out and do things that are not good for them. They make bad choices but won’t admit it. When they feel bad they hide or sleep the day away.

At least, they have the military where they can learn to follow orders, learn to be neat and tidy, learn promptness and structure. This is a lot of pressure and stress but good discipline. How can we teach them another way?

They need a safe, non-judgmental place, you know, just to be fair; someone should put it together. This does not mean they have to be rowdy and do stupid things, but a sacred place to share with others their problems and challenges. “Sacred” now that is a word they will probably back off from so we will say “Safe” instead.

Throughout the ages, women have been treated as lesser beings, as slaves to men, as something to be kept down and closed off and chained up and smothered. Men have been the conquerors, the shareholders, the landowners, and the heads of the households. As late as the 1950’s…



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