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Find Meaning In Your Work.

A strategy for NOT giving up.


Some things are beyond your touch. There are two many variables that effect the outcome. Some opportunities are no longer there anymore. People that you knew have moved on in more ways than one. You have lost the influence you had a few years ago and you have lost the contacts you had that were so happy to help. All these things cause discomfort and you have to deal with it.

Major Changes

When there are major changes in your life you experience many emotions. The main ones are doubt, fear, stress, anxiety, tension, hesitation, and all these cause discomfort. Also, if you do not have personal interaction as you once did you could suffer from loneliness as well. It all depends.

Since I left the corporate world I have been going through many jobs to find what I could possibly be good at other than an office manager. None of them have worked out because I don’t want to work for anyone any more. There was and is always too much stress.

I was a really good office manager but I needed to do things my own way. Leaving Corporate America has been a good thing for me. I still have skills that I learned while doing that job for almost fifty years.

I am also healthier as the job caused me to have very high blood pressure, anxiety and depression due to a change of management and the amount of stress it caused everyone. The company had a hostile work environment. I wasn’t going to be part of that. It changed from being macro to micro oversight during the ten years I was there.

Working there I never felt good enough. I have a high school diploma you see and then life took over. I had other responsibilities than going to college. Working for people that have MBAs and such and all kinds of credentials is intimidating and some push it in your face.


My strategy for not giving in to all the emotion is to have challenges every day. I challenge myself to wake up in a positive mood. I challenge myself to exercise. I challenge myself to write articles of a personal developmental nature. I challenge myself to be happy no matter what. I also don’t have any expectations about anything.



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