How The Wonderful Rewards of Tapping Worked For Me

I’m glad I found out about this and how it can work for everyone.


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It all started with work eight years ago. I was in a dead end job, burnt out, unhappy, under a new manager that had to know for himself if I was worth keeping around.

I had been there ten years already, so I felt I did not have to prove myself. I could not do that again. I felt I was more capable and qualified than that. I felt I had more latitude than a newbie. That was just not me anymore and I could not be that person for anybody.

A change had to be made. I either had to get his agreement with all the systems, deadlines, procedures, daily tasks, programs that I had set up over those ten years or if not, I had to quit and do something else.

I was anxious every day I went to work. I questioned every move I made, every decision I made, and every thought I had. Each day I was waiting to hear, “You’re Fired!” Who can live or work like that? It was such madness.

At home, I had twin teenage boys I was raising alone that were going through what teenage boys usually go through — bad company, laziness, gaming, sleeping too much, late nights, possible drugs, drinking, girls coming on to them making them confused, questionable decisions, rudeness, rash decisions, intolerance of Mom, and acting out at school.

You know crazy, teenage, brain stuff. Life was bleak so I knew I needed to work on me so that I could make things better in all areas of my life. Especially, I needed to take control of my anxiety and depression. I also needed to take control of my high blood pressure as I ended up in the hospital, overnight from all the stress.

That’s the killer of life. It can stop you cold.

Getting help.

I am not the type of person that asks for help but decided to put away my pride and go to a wonderful psychologist nearby. I told her about my problems. We talked as usual and she gave me some tools to use to fend off all the negative energy I was absorbing from many areas of my life. After I had been seeing her for awhile and she knew I trusted her, she pulled out a diagram of a person with arrows pointing…



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