Artwork by Author “Glory”

One day I was feeling that I had to express myself and I was feeling, you know, about to explode because I did not know what to do with myself. Someone had given me a boatload of acrylic paints and brushes for some reason so I thought, “Well, I think I should make the most of these. They are just sitting in the garage drying out.” I also had some canvases. Where did those come from?

Anyway, the Universe gives you options and items to use; be thankful. Use them to your advantage as much as possible.

I thought, well I am interested in Angels and have read a lot about reincarnation, soul travel, etc. I should paint something about that. I started with one stroke and wanted something that had a lot of energy in it to show a lot of light. When I got through painting my finished product I named it “Glory”.

A few days later I was reading a book entitled, Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph. D. After that I read another by him entitled, Destiny of Souls. And the following painting came out of that.

Artwork by Author

It’s not great, but I liked it. The Earth looks so small and dark. Maybe I can fix that. Both of those books were so interesting to me. I really think this happens. Read the books to find out what I mean. Here is another one. Painting is so much fun for me.

Artwork by Author “Ascension”

I love to use all the colors to express ideas. I could be crazy, but I have had so many serendipitous circumstances in my life that I cannot say “nothing” exists. I was baptized Catholic when I had no choice, so I guess thoughts as these are in my blood, but I know there’s a higher intelligence and conscientiousness keeping life together or an alien world is saving us from destruction. Who knows!

I made a few more paintings and then decided to retire (?) and move to Florida near other family members, namely my daughter and granddaughter. Things have not turned out so great but we are still here working, doing, and living. I decided to paint the following:



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