I Am Pro Weed and This is Why

The benefits are staggering.

More than 1,530 women across North America were surveyed to learn what interests them most about cannabis.

  • 90% of women are interested in trying cannabis, claiming the interest is for medicinal reasons.
  • 70% of women feel a friend’s recommendation plays a key role in their purchasing decision.
  • 42% stated their last cannabis purchase was spontaneous.
  • 39% of those who haven’t tried cannabis listed not liking the idea of smoking as a primary reason.
  • 10% of women cited anti drug campaigns as a reason for not having tried cannabis.

Other interests were skin care, jobs, sex, dining, and retail.

Canadian women were surveyed with recreational legalization in mind on Oct. 17, 2018, legalization date.

They were interested in:

  1. Reducing organized crime.
  2. Potential for more research.
  3. Less stigma.
  4. Cannabis tax money used for public good.
  5. Purchasing from legal sources.
  6. 16% of Canadian respondents say they will consume more once the drug is legalized.
  7. 45% of Canadians surveyed say they are now more aware of cannabis’ health benefits.

The takeaways between American vs. Canadian women are:

U.S. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Canadian

33% — — — — — — Frequently smoke joints — — — — — — — 50%

42% — — — —— Frequently smoke from a pipe — — — — — — 18%

23% — — — — Completely agree they understand the science behind cannabis — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 11%

75% — — — — — — -Lack a trusted online resource — — — — — 78%

45% — — — — — Worry that cannabis dispensaries will lead to

product getting into the hands of those who are underage. — — — 30%

56% — — — — Use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol —— — 35%

34% — — — Are interested in joining the cannabis industry — -18%

Even the Moms chimed in with their results:

  • are talking to their kids about cannabis
  • 50% are open with their teens about their use
  • 46% would prefer their children consume cannabis over alcohol (when of age)
  • 38% feel cannabis helps them be more patient & playful with their children

(Source of this survey: Van der Pop, Women and Weed Survey, Sept. 2017.)

The Sisters of the Valley

As you can see from the statistics women are interested in the entrepreneurial side of cannabis. A group of “nuns” in Merced, California that are named “The Sisters of the Valley” grow and harvest their own cannabis plants which are non-psychoactive tinctures and salves. They have no affiliation with Catholic nuns, they farm a one-acre plot with monastic devotion, living in servitude to heal, wearing habits and referring to each other as sisters.

They take six vows:

devotion — service and spreading the word;

activism — think local politics;

ecology — reducing footprint;

chastity — keeping covered out of respect for their work;

obedience — to moon cycles; and

simple living — wealth goes toward more jobs and career paths for women.

There is no vow of poverty, the sisters are in business!

“The key to successful entrepreneurship is radical transparency,” says Sister Kate. Business is brisk she says. They have written a book and a documentary that will be out soon detailing their story and in particular, Sister Kate. The story of Sister Kate’s reasoning behind wearing a habit goes back to Occupy Wall Street days, when she responded to the U. S. Congress decision to label pizza a vegetable. “If pizza is a vegetable than I’m a nun.” The Sisters of the Valley have a clear message: “Those who walk the Earth and are deprived of the great plant can look at us and see that things can be different here.”

Health Benefits of CBD oil and Integrative Cannabis practices

This past August, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy issued guidance and a FAQ, inaccurately alleging that hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is prohibited by law to be sold in retail stores. This has cast a chill on an exciting new industry — threatening retail store owners and frightening Ohio citizens who rely on hemp CBD for their health and wellness.

Big Pharma is having a fit.

Janice Buu was a behavioral therapist for children with developmental disorders. Parents would have done anything to get eye contact with their kids. One of the families turned to cannabis for help. They micro-dosed effectively and the results were amazing.

The child was able to make eye contact for longer periods of time and communicate through sign language and had fewer tantrums. As a result the parents were less stressed and more patient.

Ms. Buu was amazed with this information and as a result she entered the industry of skin care with the purpose of spreading the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. She created Dankgals, a cannabis-lifestyle company focused on enhancing cannabis beauty and wellness through organic CBD products.

Junella Chin is an integrative cannabis physician with practices in California and New York. She is an advocate for a better understanding of the science and medicine of marijuana. Medical cannabis and the science behind the endo-cannabinoid system are her specialties.

These are just a few examples of how medicine is changing and advancing treatment with cannabis.

The Best Pot Party in California

Sasha Perelman is founder and experience producer of Forward, by Revolver. She creates curated environments for cannabis brands and consumers. “I have a vision to curate and produce experiences that help showcase the versatility of cannabis as a self-care tool,” she says. “I believe there is much more to cannabis than smoking weed and getting high.” The agency’s experiential programs educate, entertain and connect canna-curious consumers.

These are only a few reasons that I am pro weed. There is still stigma attached but it is getting better and better through education and targeted use for specific health reasons. It should be legalized and used for health-care especially for children and the elderly.

Jo Ann Harris is an author, parent, book devotee, writer, copywriter, and film fanatic. She is an autodidact who learns about everything and rows her own boat. She grew up and worked in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there sixty years. She writes articles about love, hope, personal life stories, advice and poems. She is a published author with an article in Woman’s World magazine in October, 2017.

Multiple genre writer. I write for Dead Poets Live, TMI , Illumination and others. Honesty & integrity count. Editor for Wreader. Freelance writer.

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