I Love Wildlife!

Iguana are the most interesting!


Photo by Caleb Martin on Unsplash GROUND SQUIRREL
Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash IGUANA
Photo by Fraizer Dunleavy on Unsplash EGYPTIAN GOOSE
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash BLUE JAY
Photo by Azaz Ahmad on Unsplash RED HEADED WOODPECKER
Photo by Austin Guhl on Unsplash IBIS
Photo by Daniel Holland on Unsplash MUSCOVY DUCK

These guys are what I see in my yard each day. Do you blame me? They are so beautiful.

I can’t have an animal in the house because the homeowner does not allow it. When I moved in the former renter had a cat and kept it in the closet. Litter box smells and all. Carpeting was stinky so I got the smell out and can use my closet. I sprayed it with vinegar and water. That killed the smell so all is well.

I wiped down the walls and the door to the patio so there would not be a urine smell that would manifest again later. The owner said she had the place professionally cleaned but I found that not to be so.

I keep all my “pets” outside and no one can say anything about it. The community I live in doesn’t allow anyone to have a pet, but they can have a “canine companion” or “emotional support” animal. It has to be registered and doctor recommended.

I cannot take care of a pet, dog or cat, because of financial restrictions. My last dog was put down a few years ago so I still haven’t gotten over her as well. She was the best. She was fourteen and an old lady when she died of a relatively gross skin infection.

I really miss her. I have made a pillow with her tags and collar wrapped around it and her favorite toy and scarf…



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