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Mechanics of Writing

Things you may need to know to rev up your writing.


When you write you want to keep your writing interesting and lively.

What you could do before you write your article is pre-write it. Pick and choose any of these ideas to help get your ideas out.

This sometimes takes time, but these points may help you write more succinctly and capture your reader’s attention better.

  1. Off-the-top-of-your-head- list. List 1–10 down the side of the page or wherever you like, a list of ten steps, details or elements you want to cover.
  2. Write a letter to a close friend (you’ll never send.) This breaks down formality and allows the use of a strong voice.
  3. The Mind-Map method. Put one word in the middle of a piece of paper and scribble down other words as they come to you and connect the circles as you like. Sorts jumbled thoughts and makes connections.
  4. Spin cycle. What have you found in your research that puts a new spin on the subject? Make a rough sketch of your topic.
  5. The inquiring-minds-want-to-know shtick. What questions would a genuinely curious person ask about your topic.
  6. Considering writing with alternating point-of-view. The writing will be richer and more interesting to the reader if…



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