Newly Discovered Spider In Florida

We in Florida are so lucky to have a new spider amongst us . . . NOT!


Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider (Ummidia richmond)

It was discovered in the Pine Rockland Forest near Miami Zoo. A zookeeper first found it in 2012 going through traps for reptiles. Two years later, Dr. Rebecca Godwin of Piedmont College — who was in the process of looking at this group of spiders related to tarantulas — confirmed that the spider was a previously unknown and undiscovered species.

“Venoms of related species have been found to contain compounds with potential use as pain medications and cancer treatments,” says Frank Ridgley, Zoo Miami’s Conservation & Veterinary Services Manager.

These spiders can live their entire lives in one burrow. So far through the years they have only found a handful of males. No females have been found so they may already be imperiled.

For your information some of the biggest spiders in Florida are:

  • Golden silk orb-weaver, or “banana spider” (3 inches)
  • Wolf spider (2 inches)
  • Black and yellow argiope spider (1 inch)
  • Widow spider (1.5 inches)
  • Daddy long legs (2 inches)
  • Huntsman spider (6 inches)


According to websites about totems and symbolism, spiders are considered lucky signs connected to money in England, and there is an old rhyme, “If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” Grandmother Spider in Native American lore protects esoteric wisdom.

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