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Pieces That Fall Where They May

Is this what happens because of “Bad judgement calls” or was it “in your genes” OR “DNA?”



“Who against hope believed in hope.” (Romans 4:18)

Other’s view your life
as bad judgments,
bad actions,
incredible stupidity,
and lack.

So much goes into
life’s actions taken.

Hope against hope
is at the top.

Thereby this is what effects life actions:
~Mental fitness
~Self-esteem issues
~Self-image issues
~Confidence issues
~Heredity or DNA

Taking a leap of faith is courageous of some but scary to most. It could be called bad judgement or it could be called courage.


Now you’ve failed and
don’t want a repeat.
Now you are affected
by the effects of another.
You can now either wail and wither
or grow.

Was it bad judgement
or was it only life lived?


Put yourself here!

Be a child growing up in a large family mostly living in poverty with government assistance. You were also the smallest in stature of the lot. You had five brothers and two sisters and were the oldest of the four younger children so you helped with child care as well as you could.

Mom and Dad came from a poor family that were farmers and lived off the land. The Dad’s parents and grandparents ran a farm for the poverty-stricken immigrants from other countries that migrated to the U.S. in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.



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