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Running From Death Everyday

Who you gonna call?



No, kidding! Sorry couldn’t help myself. Even this parody is a part of running away from death. All the ghosts that represent “death” and everyone is afraid.

Death, as they say, is a part of life. It’s sad and unbearable to lose someone that you can never see or speak to again. It’s doubly sad when it is a lover or a child.

Everyone has to die and that’s the way it is.

As an older person I run from death everyday. I have concerns about it now more than I ever had. My family wants to know what they will get out of it if anything.

When you live on a fixed income that is a concern. I don’t know where I will be buried. I’d rather not be buried anywhere just cremated and poured in the sea or buried with a tree growing out of my cremains.


And another thing, funerals. Some people celebrate people’s lives that have left them and other people mourn for their loss. Even those that celebrate the person’s life still mourn in their own way.

For example, when my son’s (twins) Dad passed when they were eleven we didn’t have a big funeral; only a small family service where balloons were let loose to fly away and goodbyes were said. Their Dad’s family buried him.

We were divorced so I did not feel I should be responsible for that. We did not go to the funeral. There was a lot of sickness, abuse, and hard feelings that could never be healed. But we did mourn the death of another human being in our own way.

So I’m just saying that funerals don’t have to be done in a traditional sense. You don’t have to go into debt to bury someone and it could be done your own way. Funerals are expensive but if you want that way it’s up to you.

Keep Moving

I’ve been told and have read that being very sedentary is bad for older people so I keep moving everyday. I am lucky enough to have 2 lovely lakes in our community and I try to walk around them at least 4 times every morning. It seems to comfort me and stir up thoughts that help me write.



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