Thanks To You Wonderful, Supportive Writers.

I finally hit the $100 mark but this ain’t over.


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Hey Everyone:

Thanks so much for reading, clapping, and responding to my post . . .

This has been a breakthrough for me and I hope it continues. I have not made $100 on one post in three years. Last year I made a total of about $176.00. I was so distraught.

I found out why. Mostly, my stories were never seen by anyone. It wasn’t because I am a bad writer. I followed all the rules and my stats were still low. My profile was never on anyone’s feed. Why? Not sure. If you ran across me, it was pure luck for me and my luck had not been good. You helped and I thank you for that.

I always thought that Medium helped the writers to be seen. Apparently, not.

You have to really work and think and do to get any response even though you write every day. You think of things that you think others would like to know about, but nothing happens and you sit in total confusion as to why not.

I hate to write about the news because it is so depressing, so I don’t. It would be my viewpoint only and really, who cares. I stopped writing on News Break for that very reason. They don’t pay anyway and are very critical about what can be posted there.

I don’t write about politics either because it gets to be a bit too much.

I love writing about animals and their silly behavior. I stay home a lot and watch the ones out in my backyard. You find out so much about how they are so smart to survive. We could learn a lot from them.

I write about my own personal experiences. They may be a little bit strange, but that’s me. I am in the process of writing my story again, which was never seen before back in 2018, to new eyes.



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