The Fits and Starts of Growing A Baby In A Bucket

From a dream I had last night


Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

I got pregnant, but it would not grow. It kept withering and I kept forgetting it. I felt I lost control. Every time I remembered about it I would find it all withered and dried out. It was like an alien. I would put it back inside me to help it grow and be moist again, but the same thing happened when I forgot it.

One day I decided to put it in a jar with some soil to see if that would help it grow. It did for a while. I think that was the best thing for it because it grew to be a beautiful baby.

I lived in a rundown neighborhood with a lot of bustle going on and I had to keep up with it. I was constantly trying to keep the bad guys away and surviving for another day. I felt I was carrying a large burden on my back and I traveled a lot.

That was the reason I forgot about the baby. There was too much to do to stay alive. I needed water and food and the sun every day. I needed to keep track of what was growing and what was withering.

Was I a plant?

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