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The Sticking Point

How to get unstuck.


Are you stuck? You know, you get the idea that you want to do something great, or not so great, but want to do something to express yourself. It never happens. Or you can’t seem to move onward with life, finances, a job, a partner, your diet. You feel you are doing everything possible but nothing seems to work. Nobody responds! You feel invisible.

You try to have an online presence by writing about information that you feel is important for people to know. You do this often, but no “applause” and no “shares” or “likes.”

Then you wonder is it my brand or is it the niche I am writing about? Where is the audience? Who is hungry to know? You actually thought you had one. Maybe it was only in your mind!

Good news though! You can actually find somewhere in the past how you got stuck. Yes, you can! You can remember what words were expressed and the intention behind them.

You could go into therapy when you find the circumstance but this is a lot less expensive.

Try and remember a time when you were so upset you didn’t know what to do. You felt there were no alternatives and it was difficult to go to work and work there all day, or continue the relationship, and be with the person you had to get away from, or you lost your job yet again.

Those are pretty upsetting circumstances, right? You did what you did at the time to help yourself get through it. You went to the psychologist and talked it out for two years. You went to that job and was proficient somehow for some time until it was not plausible to go there anymore.

The other person or persons involved were making you feel as if you did not matter and were ignoring you and criticizing you in every way. You lost your job and felt more rejected because you had lost jobs before, but this loss was a bit different and a lot deeper. In your mind’s eye all you see is their back and they are walking away from you.

The bad intentions of other people along with the words they say and the actions they perform stick your attention and energy in that moment. Subtle but…



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