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The Year Of Extensions = 2020.

It goes on and on…


The other day I ran across someone who was able to see things from another viewpoint and he brought up the subject of raising animals for sustainability. He equated it with what is going on right now with the virus.

On the left is what happens with livestock farming and on the right is what is similarly happening with the nation at this time.

Making livestock farming more sustainable

  1. Feed animals less human food. … Run ads for a fast food life, fast delivery, and keep them running incessantly.
  2. Raise regionally appropriate animals. … Keep people interested via Zoom and sheltered in place.
  3. Keep animals healthy. … Masks, hand-washing and social distancing. Promises for more testing and a vaccine.
  4. Adopt smart supplements. … Make your own masks and sell them. Give them something they like (money) for a short time. Make sure there is food available.
  5. Eat quality not quantity. … Learn to Cook at home for a healthier lifestyle .
  6. Tailor practices to local culture. … Promises per region to open at some point. Rules for opening. Arrests and fines when people and businesses don’t comply with rules.
  7. Track costs and benefits. … Track businesses closings. Track deaths, recoveries, asymptomatic, immune subjects, testing.
  8. Study best practices. … Watch what is working (plasma) and what medicines are being taken and duplicate it or cause controversy.

You can agree that this is similar or not. But it looks similar to me. There are adjustments daily that have to be filled to keep people in line and scare them into complacency. Listen to medicine not politicians.

I know this pandemic is real and not saying it’s not but please give us some hope. The news media and the government is out of control. Listen to medicine not politicians.

I bet this article gets flagged for not agreeing and will be flagged to be taken down. It has happened.

The Police.

Openings have been put off again (August) and all is blamed on the people because they have not been…



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