Think of something. Do something. Find a story. Make one up, anything! Your life can’t be that boring can it? Sometimes I get stuck and feel I have done my best and can’t think of another thing to write about.

I have posted innermost thoughts, positive help, how to’s, when’s, why’s, seven tips to, ten steps to, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, dreams, a personal essay of 23 chapters, death of an acquaintance, poems, retirement, love, loss, mental illness, a dog story, and commented on other’s writings and clapped and followed as well. Others have been kind and they have done the same for me, which is great and it keeps me going.

Mental capabilities are looking bleak. And I am writing at a third grade level. Anything else I need to know editor? Now at a 5th grade level.

I love to write, I do and have done for years but have not put my writing out there so anyone can see it. I have written and rewritten my book about four times.

Unpublished as of now. The experience I had being homeless for four years with twin babies and a mentally ill husband was tragic and profound. There has been therapy but not enough since I am still feeling the effects of that situation even after 20 years of normalcy.

The death of a spouse is sad since it happened to another being that you spent 18 years with either being happy or not. Also, being a single parent, working, raising twin boys was difficult but I think I did a good job. My son even told me the other day that, “You raised us right Mom!” Wow validation from your son or daughter is a good thing.

Leaving a job that wanted me out because they were changing their idea of what an office manager should be and “you are NOT it” is cruel, bleak, and heartbreaking after ten years of loyal service. It gave me such a powerless feeling.

That was actually okay with me ultimately, since I was burned out with doing, doing and doing for others and taking a lot of abuse. I felt I had fifteen children (office) and that didn’t include my own two. I always made every one’s life easier and better. I suppose I still am.

Moving to a new state, Florida, with not enough money to last, no new job, and more family in need wasn’t easy either.

South Florida is another world unto itself. Nothing like Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding…



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